Fun Game Ideas For Farewell Parties

Farewell parties are full of mixed emotions & feelings – Happiness on scaling new paths & for a better future as well as some sadness which arises due to their going away. The person about to follow his or her dreams is showered with good luck by all of his or her loved ones along with gifts for the farewell party! Farewell parties thus need to be perfect to wish the concerned person luck in the best possible way! Planning one is no small feat! In case you are planning one, we have suggestions for you regarding some fun game ideas for farewell parties. Read on;

1. Passing the parcel – A pretty simple but fun game which everyone knows! Arrange for everyone to sit in circles & play some music to start passing the packet on. The parcel can be anything from a pillow to a box. But here’s a little twist in the plot – write down lots of snippets about the person in whose honor the party is held on small pieces of paper! When the music stops, the person who has the parcel has to remove one piece of paper & make him, or she read out the little snippet of their lives out loud! This will bring back many fun memories & make the party atmosphere exciting & fun!

2. Trivia Another simple game idea that can make any farewell party fun! Ask everyone to make some statements or questions about the person for whom the party is held – some true statements as well as some false ones. The game begins with everyone announcing the comments & making everyone guess which ones are true as well as false ones! Only the people who know the person well can correctly answer the questions! Arrange for game gifts for the farewell party for the winner or winners of this game!

musical chair3. Musical chairs – You can also arrange for a classic game of musical chairs which every guest who attends can play & participate in! Only arrange for some music & some chairs in a linear order & start the game! Give away gifts for a farewell party for the game winner! You can play the person of honor’s favorite songs or music to make the party more enjoyable for him or her!

4. Guess the person – Blindfold the person of honor and let him or her loose among the guests! Once he or she catches hold of someone, ask them to guess who the person is! If they cannot guess the person give him or her a set of maximum three clues to guess them rightly! This is a fun game but has some papers & pens handy to write down some clues!

Hope these ideas help make your farewell party a huge success & make it an incredibly fun event for that particular person! Be sure to arrange for some unique & useful gifts for a farewell party for him or her!

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